An Experimental Study on Boost Machining Parameters through Turning and Drilling

M. Veeranjaneyulu, Dr.Mohammad Israr


Drilling is one of these in various production processes to make holes under the 1 mm high-precision micro-perforation process the method is preferred parts together with high precision, this is also preferred for the top spindle fast application to improve productivity and quality. It has charm circuit boards, fuel injection nozzles, and watch parts, Parts for cameras, medical needles, aviation, mobile phones, and computers. One of the most important goals in operations is the material removal speed. This one the map covers how the MRR can optimize for input parameters such as speed, progress, and depth of the hole and research Experiment design in Taguchi and analysis with ANOVA and signal noise ratio The Taguchi method not only optimizes quality characteristics by setting the parameters, but also the sensitivity of the system performance at the sources of variation.

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