Multi-User Encrypted SQL Operation on Cloud Database Services in Real Distributed Environment

Mr.N.M. Sawant, Miss. R.S. Khatawkar, Mr. V.V. Pottiger


In a cloud context, the critical information is placed in infrastructure of untrusted third parties, So ensuring data confidentiality stored in cloud is an important factor. The cloud database is strictly related to parameters such as service availability, scalability and security and of data confidentiality. The parameters like security and availability of its platform are ensured by any cloud provider. But to guarantee confidentiality of the information stored in cloud databases is an open research problem. The researcher suggests some preliminary issues on encrypted data through SQL operations. The proposed scheme for data confidentiality contains authentication, authorization, data encryption, key management policies. But these policies addresses the issues related to typical threat scenarios for cloud database services. So to avoid the threat issues through authentication and authorization data encryption, key management some mechanism is needed. Access control mechanism is used for guaranteeing confidentiality of data and metadata.

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